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Hello I hope you liked the first story, long after the last time on the nude beach in Tenerife told my wife we went back the following week. I was not sure if I tube4 was in the most cock or not, I went with simple. We found the same place in the afternoon, then settled in our towels had moved my wife and I soon realized I had to shave her pussy looked so fantastic. She put sunscreen put in your time in over her tits and pussy. had to look around to see who was there, not many, as it was put back to sunbathing. After an hour, I said it was a Spanish walk on the beach, shirt, but shorts are not and can play only moving from one place to another, he said oh it or not make the effort, but has more details seated man, simply put more cream, as she passed, has rooster was hanging there, as it passed and what size. He told me he liked what he saw, which made ​​a sarcastic comment belowinterested, but I knew that as his eyes followed as he passed. She said, fine, but vague. No matter how all this came in the afternoon went naked men trying to take a look at my beautiful naked woman with her legs showing her pussy pretending to read his book spread eagle. We had something with a little wine, which I hoped to help you relax and hopefully they can eat again to see fucked. at the time now around 18:00 it was still hot, but people were leaving the beach, I thought, nothing happens, my wife was in her womb still read your book, then I noticed the kind since before he was without pants again walking along the beach, came to us and that are new, that would be us. I did not say what he thought, see what happens. He came straight to where they were protected on three sides, so it was the only opening to the beach. He stopped right in front of us and asked in broken English the way it was Spanish, if we had no water to the mwife and only returned to see his cock in front of her, which was semi -hard and very impressive. I said yes and gave him a small bottle of cold water we had. He bent down and took a drink, sat on a large rock on the side I could see my wife now in the buttocks and back tube4 pussy. He started his broken English, how hot it was, that my wife turned to him to talk face. He told me you have a beautiful woman, you're very lucky, I would like to have a wife or girlfriend as sexy laying naked. My wife was raised today to the elbows and legs slightly apart, so he could see her pussy more. I said I want to thank you a cold beer instead of water I told him I knew then that he wanted to fuck him. chatted for a while, when he said, want to give you a massage, I said, I am with my wife turned around and said, well why not. He removed his shirt, was now completely naked, just like us. I asked around asIt was an easy job for him on their shoulders in front of it. He turned around, knelt before her and began to back and shoulders to move your butt is the massage of the hand, which was love. 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Then two fingers, then three tight and she came all over his fingers. I removed and placed at the entrance to her pussy my wife was saved only at hand, tube4 I have seen slowly pushed his cock up my wife 's pussy. Shit slowly looked up, unless you still lying face down. Now was the bottom of his blow away any frusting more and more, now was my straw I see my wife fucked by this monster of a cock that is. Then kneeling with his head in the towel, however, so deep doggy style, I might add, get, it's your favorite position was cumming again she shuddered and came around the penis and testicles . As Hahn was able to enter and view all their juices. that wNow as they fuck hard and she liked to say, fuck me more, oh fuck me most celebrated, was tense n and I knew he was about to end when I realized that not using condoms. I told my wife, who is running and walking on the bare back, she cried, I just want to shoot me, I want to feel his sperm. is now that its damn hard and fast and loud complaining, I looked around to see if anyone can hear what I had not realized there was another young man naked, and watched the game with his tail of good size, clean-shaven. I better not everything just nodded to him that he would see to that. It got a little closer, so next guy fucking my wife. Then he stretched and shot his load deep in my wife 's pussy, you must have fired at least 5-6 times. Pulled his cock looking at me, smiling, standing. My wife's pussy was red and swollen, and open the sperm could see it was still in the same position of the head in the towel pantsEngineer trying to catch his breath. before saying anything, I told him I'm charging now, I'm with that I move around behind him, but before arriving there, the girl was between her tube4 legs, tail in hand willing to wait to enter, he looked at me, was for approval and nodded and with that went into it. She just said, it feels very good and my favorite little knew that was not me. He began to take the semen out of her every time I came out. Began to use the sperm to lubricate your ass is tube4 just as it is female, but said nothing like the shit you moan like hell. Then he began to finger the hem of his ass and he loved it. He began to finger her ass she moaned loudly with pleasure, the first man was still there, watching, and I could see was the cock is always bigger. 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She looked at me, my cock still hard seemed tube4 surprised, but smiled. off left, she had guts running out of her pussy and ass dripping thighs. You said the young man fucks my ass and shit, I tube4 thought it was you. I've said it as if you have not, she returned the smile on her back, she said it's your turn, but this time you can see, I walked into my tail, which was only us and we kissed I could taste the other boys cum sweet tastes. It was not long before I shot my load fund their sperm with the other kids. Once I moved, she sat on my cock in her mouth and tube4 cleanses me. That was the best I'v day at the beach she had said. And we moved back home. What we had for one night.....
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